Please UPDATE YOUR “old” RECORDS with current/new phone numbers and the mailing address for RESOLUTION LENSES (THIS information REPLACES ALL numbers and addresses you may have for the now defunct OPTIMA line of Resolution Lenses.

RESOLUTION LENSES is NOW READY TO SHIP PRODUCTS after recently acquiring the old “Optima Resolution Line” of products!  This includes Resolution AR, SR, Iblu, and SRNT distortion-free lenses.

RESOLUTION LENSES maintained your same account number in order to make the changeover easier for our customers.  The same terms and conditions that you had with Optima were carried over, as well.  Place your new orders to Resolution Lenses online via Opticom at http://www.opticom-inc.com/product-search, or through our Resolution Lenses toll-free phone or toll-free fax.

My name is George Moore, and I want to introduce myself to you as President of this “new company,” RESOLUTION LENSES. My trusty co-worker, Lu Bai, can also assist you with your orders.  Any questions you may have can be e-mailed to Lu or George,  or call our toll-free number.

We are EXCITED and READY to start shipping the Resolution Lenses that you know and trust.  Give us a call NOW!



Resolution Lenses
2810 Trinity Mills Suite 209-300
Carrollton, TX 75006

Main Line:           (972) 338-5529
Toll-Free:             (800) 972-1658
Fax:                        (866) 748-5836
Cell:                       (972) 983-1942
e-mail ORDERS:               

e-mail George Moore:   gmoore@resolutionlenses.com
e-mail Lu Bai:                    


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